Our task was to refresh the packaging of Nalewka Babuni to appeal to current consumers and attract
new recipients at the same time. It was all the more challenging because of the iconic bottle:
we had to keep its nonstandard shape and create a new design.

Our solution was to print a colourful décor directly on the bottle. Our subtle watercolour floral pattern
depicts the taste of the beverage and emphasises its naturalness. The composition is dynamic,
which gives the impression of lightness and movement. The whole design is fresh and tasty.

Instead of the traditional label, we have proposed a minimalistic pendant matching the given tincture
colour. To underline the naturalness of the drink, we’ve added a simple wooden cork
in natural colour.

We have also created key visuals promoting new packaging.

We were responsible for:
Creative concept , Graphic design


allowed for a precise, slightly transparent print, which made the bottles more elegant