Lindt chocolates are the perfect gift for any occasion. To convince customers of this fact, we have created attractive Lindt LINDOR shop displays for Grandma’s and Grandpa’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Woman’s and Mother’s Day. We’ve chosen 3D hearts as the main theme. Especially worth noting are the stands looking like heart-balloons designed and constructed from the ground-up by us. The zones also contained LAMà® displays, pole signs and wobblers – all of our design.

There was also a pleasant surprise for the customers: special greetings cards, which they could attach to their Lind LINDOR chocolates. For each occasion, they could pick from 3 classy designs.

We were responsible for:
ASSEMBLY , Copywriting , Graphic design , PRODUCTION , VISUAL CONCEPT

Customers could pick from a couple of greeting cards with various design and wishes.