We created a campaign to launch three major brand products
into the American market for Zortrax, a manufacturer of 3D printers.
Internet spots were one of the campaign’s formats. We created a series of three advertisements.
Each of them was intended for a different target group, showed different 3D print applications
and a different brand product.
The spots were praised in competitions such as KTR,
Kreatura and the Berlin Fashion Film Festival.

We were responsible for:

Sector: industry

Sector: consumer products

Sector: fashion and design


We created three worlds
which are a visual metaphor of a particular sector.
The Zortrax 3D printer is always in the centre like a ‘king’.


The spots are presented as master shots.

The shot begins with a close-up of the printer and slowly reveals a rich moving image
with an increasing number of interesting details. All the elements move with the same rhythm,
creating a music box effect. Symmetry, which emphasises the rhythmicality
and adds a technical dimension to the entire shot, is an additional visual asset.



The film set consisted of numerous items
printed in 3D on the Zortrax printer.

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