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360 Campaign for wafle Kupiec


We created a campaign for Wafle Kupiec that presented healthy wafers in a completely different way. Funny texts, illustrated characters of Wafers referring to the variety of flavours and possible occasions to eat them, as well as a number of activities accompanying the campaign, made the products become recognizable. The campaign consisted of press and outdoor advertisements, POS materials, internet banners, a TV commercial, an application with a competition, a new website with “Wafer recipes” tab, as well as an increased marketing action in social media. In addition, for the purposes of the website, we created dozens of unique recipes for wafers, and ready-made proposals were placed in the separate tab on the site. The campaign was nominated for Kreatura and Golden Arrow awards.

We were responsible for:
Artistic directorship , Creative concept , Scenario , Storyboards

How to distinguish different wafer flavours as they all appear to look the same?
In the case of Wafle Kupiec campaign, we decided to dress wafers up as characters associated with particular flavours. So, sea salt is a sailor, Slim wafers – a blonde, white chocolate – a unicorn … Actually, the flavours as well as the ideas could never end.

The campaign was also presented in display ads.
Targeted at young women, it appeared on women’s magazine websites and main news portals, but it also followed those who had visited the site.

Important campaigns answer important questions, such as “What type of Wafer are you?”
A quiz application was available on Facebook, and users could find out the answer by indicating their favourite way of serving the wafers. Thanks to that, we also promoted dozens of original recipes that were available on the website.

Our characters needed an adequate story that would be absurd, dynamic and full of colours. And that was the type of animation that we made.


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